We only stopped in Ahe. We have little to show for it. The Tuamotus are dangerous and exciting and we would have liked to stop in Rangiroa but with our radar out and the need to get to Papeete to get started on repairs we pushed on.

The pass to Ahe is considered easy but we found the swift current and clearly visible coral heads under the boat unnerving. The next day this supply ship shows up and makes us feel like we were wimps for sweating the entrance.

Ahe is where we finally got some decent weather and good snorkeling but it is also where we got a lesson in coral anchoring. Over the course of several days our anchor chain dug into a coral head about 6 inches. I had to dive almost 60 feet with our hooka and then pull the boat forward a couple of feet to get the chain free. It could have been prevented if we would have back up while releasing our anchor chain.