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This web site is organized into 6 main sections with 4 additional areas intended to aid the use of this site.  The 6 main sections are:

hotnewsbutton.jpg (3843 bytes)  Hot News is where you will find the latest happenings on Go West.  Full updates as found in the Ports of call section are often delayed several months but Hot News is updated by e-mail directly from onboard anywhere in the world so it is a timely text based log of our travels.  Hot News articles are usually placed every 2 weeks but during passages we try to put one out every few days and during long port stays it may go a month or more.

portsbutton.jpg (4337 bytes)   Ports of Call is where you will visit the exciting destinations of Go West.  PoC features a full description of each of the ports we visit with many pictured highlights.  Descriptions are intended to aid both the visitor by yacht and the tourist.  PoC is often lagging several months behind the actual progress of Go West because of the time it takes to get film developed, develop the pages and post to the web page.

vesselbutton.jpg (3782 bytes)  The Vessel section is intended to aid soon to be cruisers in preparing their boats.  It is an evolving description of the work done on Go West before departure and underway.  We report on system performance and relations with vendors.

lessonsbutton.jpg (4324 bytes)  Lessons Learned is a place for articles on the skills,techniques, and practices we have learned while cruising in international waters and passage making across open water.  It is the place where we share our experiences not directly related to the boat.  We occasionally invite a fellow cruiser to write an article for this section.

crewbutton.jpg (3433 bytes)   The Crew section provides a bio on Jim and Hellen Boswell.  It is provided mainly to answer the frequently asked question, "Who would do this?".

routebutton.jpg (3729 bytes)  This section is provided for the entertainment of followers of this web page.  Our plans and route change so often yet this section gets changed very infrequently so it is a great source of barbs for the Go West crew.

Four additional areas are provided to assist in navigating this ever-growing site and allow visitors to participate.  These areas are:

 searchbutton.jpg (3776 bytes)  Site search allows you to search our web site for specific topics.  Because of the layout of this site a topic may be found in several sections so Site Search helps you find all references to your desired topic quickly.

sitemapbutton.jpg (3513 bytes)  You are here, 'nough said.

Message Board  Here you may post messages for all visitors and occasionally the crew of Go West to read.  This could also be handy for ransom drop information and extortion schemes but be warned that we will cooperate with the authorities and we expect a percentage of all payments.

Links Page   We have selected a few web sites that we feel deserve your attention and we provide them with our perspective on their value.  We receive no compensation for these referrals (though we would like to) so they are our unbiased recommendations.  We have many other vendors that have provided us good service but don't have a presence on the web so this is not an exhaustive list of our preferred providers.  We are interested in high quality cursing sites to list here so drop us a line at gowestsf@yahoo.com if you have a recommendation

Here is an overall Table of Contents for this site:


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