Service Providers

Nexus - We really love our Nexus Instruments.  We have them interfaced all over the place and the remote gives us anything we want to know anywhere on the boat.  Best of all, they were cheap.   If we have a problem, service might be difficult but I have seen the same instruments sold in New Zealand so I can at least get replacements here.  So far though, no problems. 

HF Radio - We have purchased all of our HF radio gear from HF Radio in Alameda, CA.  Don is a long time Ham and very experienced at  HF radio on sailboats.  He has good prices and good phone support and he is a good source for other marine electronics as well.  I don't recommend Don for installation work.

Farallon Electronics- We had them install our charging system and batteries.  They are not cheap but you get what you pay for in this case.  They did really nice work and, with the exception of an alternator failure, we haven't had one problem with this very critical set of systems.  They do all marine electronics sales and installation and they do top quality work for top prices.  It is usually worth it if you plan to go offshore with the gear.

Monitor Windvane - Our Monitor has steered 90% of the trip from SF to New Zealand without a single problem.   The support we received from the factory on our installation was really exceptional.  Self steering is one of the most critical systems for a shorthanded offshore boat and our Monitor really does the job.

Furuno - We had a terrible experience with Furuno and we want to make sure that you don't make the same mistake.  The Furuno USA warranty is not good outside the US so don't put Furuno equipment on your boat if you are planning to leave US waters.