San Diego

San Diego is another great town with no pictures. I guess when I am enjoying a town I don't think to get out a camera. San Diego has great marine services and boat yards so it is not a bad place to get those last minute items taken care of. Being a big city, things are fairly spread out so it is difficult to get around without a car.

We berthed in Harbor Island at Cabrillo Isle Marina which was nice but there is no grocery store within walking distance (though Hellen did walk to one). We learned that you could dinghy to the Commercial Basin at the foot of Shelter Island and then you could walk to many of the services and all of the boat services you could need. As there are so many livaboards in San Diego we quickly met enough people with cars that we could often catch a ride for grocery runs.

One thing of concern in San Diego is the terrible tap water. This might be a good place to invest in a water filter. The water in Cabo and La Paz was much better than the water in San Diego. Everyone talks about flushing the San Diego water out of their boats. We did exactly that in La Paz.

We repacked our boat in San Diego. The back cabin was crammed with stuff and we needed to clean it up for a visitor in San Diego and our crew for the race. The main salon becomes a mess whenever we unpack a hole or locker. It looks bad right now as I work on the computer. We need to lighten our load a little.

This was the start of the Baja HaHa and we arrived on Oct. 9th for the Oct. 28th start. Many boats were rolling in about the same time which made the happy hours festive.

Boats to the left of us

and boats to the right of us, oh my!

The race began with a herd of boats heading out of the channel of this normally busy harbor. Ships were standing off shore waiting for us to clear out. Little did we know that this was an indication of many days and nights to come. More on this later.