Sail Inventory

We have outfitted with all new sails from North Sails. We went with 100% Genoa of 7.7 oz. Nordac Dacron. It is a standard cut and we didn't have a foam luff installed because the staysail gives us the sailplane flexibility we need.

The Staysail is also 7.7 oz. Nordac and both the Genoa and Staysail have UV treated dacron sunshield for protection when furled. All of the seems have also been treated with UV and abrasion protection called Tuff Seam.

The Main is also 7.7 oz. Nordac with 5 full battens. . Bill Zink at North sails in Alameda, CA (the San Francisco office) really went the extra mile to get the slides just right so we wouldn't need an expensive bat-car system. Their customer service has been really outstanding.

The sail was manufactured with the Dutchman flaking system which flakes the main over the boom by running 3 fishing lines from the boom back and forth through the main straight up to the topping lift. The system works much better than our old lazy jacks but we have had a problem with the lines chafing during long voyages. We lost one line in the 5 day sail to Clarion Island and all 3 from Clarion to the Marquises. The lines were new in La Paz so I can't recommend this system for boats planning to cross oceans.

For off the wind sailing (hopefully our primary point of sail) we have a 1.5 oz. genaker from North. We have only flown it 3 times so far but we are very impressed with the wide range of wind angle and wind speeds this sail can handle. It seems to come out from behind the main when sailing dead down like a spinaker. It works very well from beam to broad reach. So far when the wind is light enough for this sail the seas are still too rough to fly it and keep it full. At this point (6/12/98) I wish I had invested this money instead in a folding prop.

Our North sales person, Jeff Madrigali(go to bottom of link page), has made a lot of time in his busy schedule to work with us on our boat and sail use. We wish him luck in the upcoming America's Cup series and in all of his races.

Our Genoa has a Famet furling system. The Famet system is something you either really love or really hate. We used ours for 8 months and found it difficult to furl but it needed a replacement bushing on the bottom and some grease on the headstay. We have completed the repairs and it works much better. It is sturdy and simple so we are sticking with it. I think we are on our way to really loving it.

We had to replace our 10 year old Hood furler on our staysail with a Profurl in Tahiti. The Hood was hanging up in the top bearing and we found a crack in one of the extrusions. I ended up having to cut it to get it apart so it was history. The Profurl was ordered from France and took 2 weeks to get to Tahiti. The price was excellent because it was imported duty free.