Rigging Work

rig1.jpg (15113 bytes)We had substantial rigging work performed on Go West in Whangarei.  The work was completed by Silhouette Spars.  They are pretty much the only riggers in Whangarei but riggers will travel so it is possible to get competing bids from other riggers in Bay of Islands.  We were very happy with the work Silhouette did for us and though we felt we might have been able to get a little better price if there was more competition but there wasn't really enough work even for Silhouette.

We had our standing rigging replaced.  Even Silhouette said it wasn't necessary but it was 12 years old and we just decided to be safe.  They had a very good swedger and they were fast and efficient.  They were able to handle our old Famet furler on the headstay without dismantling it which probably saved it from the dumpster.boomvang.jpg (49701 bytes)

Next we had them install a hard boomvang.  We wanted this because we wanted protection in case we lost our topping lift again but it also stabilized the boom while we are broad reaching and it has reduced chafe on the sail and wear and tear on all the related equipment.  We should have done this a long time ago and it should be on any offshore yacht.  No one ever mentioned this to us before.masteps.jpg (35333 bytes)



The last thing we did was add steps.  Silhouette builds these steps themselves and they are heavier gauge than the commercially available steps.  This was really cheap.  I still hate climbing the mast but I am going to practice and maybe I will get better at it.  I am not sure.