I didn't seem to do Moorea justice with pictures. It was our favorite destination in French Polynesia. It is only 12 miles from Papeete so the visiting yacht can pop over to Moorea if a extended stay in the Tahiti area is required.

We spent all of our time anchored in Cooks Bay. It is the more developed of the 2 main anchorages and is seen on the right in the title picture. The bay on the left is Opunohu Bay. It is more secluded.

The The Club Bali Hai hotel sits along the Cooks Bay anchorage. This time share resort has probably one of the most beautiful waterfront bars in the world. They are also extremely hospitable to visiting cruisers. They provide garbage disposal, water, bathrooms with showers and access to the bar and restaurant, all for no charge.

We toured the island by 3 wheel "Fun Car" with Ruth and Buddy of Annapurna. These things were not a fun as they appeared and we should have rented a car for the 4 of us. Along the way we saw the very rare pink and blue pigeons of Moorea. I believe they rare because most people wouldn't think to dye their pigeons.

Moorea is full of scenic vistas of waterfalls, reefs, mountains and valleys. It is the most beautiful tropical island we have visited.