I have always loved Monterey. I learned to scuba dive here and we always enjoyed coming down for the Crosby, I mean the ATT. I look forward to a nice of couple of days in the harbor but we got pinned down by unusually high surf and ended up staying almost a week. The harbor had a lot of surge and we actually popped a bumper.

The surf was impressive but after couple of days we were anxious to get going. Our misfortune was the boon of the surfers.

The Monterey Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in the world so we could have been stuck in worse places.

The harbor was filled with an amazing amount of sea life. Sea lions cruised the waters and jumped up on the docks when no one was looking. Harbor seals sunned themselves on the rocks right by Fishermans Wharf. Two sea otters lived in the harbor and acted like they weren't surrounded by occupied boats.

This last sea lion was sick and in trouble. He was floating in the corner of the marina behind a dock so he wouldn't get harassed by other sea lions. Unfortunately this is a pretty common problem because people feed them inappropriate food so it is not possible to rescue them all for medical treatment.