Mazatlan - Carnival '98

Mazatlan first celebrated Carnival in 1898 and the100th Anniversary celebration was really a cause for excitement. People came from all over Mexico to take part in the events of the 5 day affair. Crowds were in the hundreds of thousands for the parade and fireworks.

The kick-off for carnival at Marina Mazatlan was a Mexican Fiesta benefit for an organization that provides college scholarships for women in the Mazatlan area. The Fiesta featured a well known local dance troop that put on an incredible show.

The troop had older and younger dancers. The costumes were authentic and beautiful.

Rumors abounded that the Queen of the Carnival, Alma, had her crown purchased by less than reputable characters. I had difficulty understanding the controversy because they way to vote for queen was by buying raffle tickets so obviously money is a factor.

The first parade is on Saturday night and Marina Mazatlan arranged for a dinner party at a hotel on the parade route. The hotel constructed a viewing stand on their front steps and played rock music from huge speakers for the crowd forming out front.

You will notice in the crowd shot above that many people are looking back at the camera. Between 100 and 200 people were mesmerized by a fellow cruiser that entertained the crowd for over an hour. Betty on Doing It had purchased a mask that seemed to magically fit her personality. She was dancing to the music and children and adults alike were drawn in. She had a group of college aged local kids dancing and one passed her a note asking if she would be a pen pal. It was really amazing. Betty, click here for the picture I promised you compliments of Nancy on Blaze.

The party at the hotel was also getting interesting. The crew of Joss had purchased leather masks from Nid Art in town. This gallery specializes in pieces combining ceramics and leather. For carnival they made a line of leather masks that were stunning. The mask idea seemed like a good one so others went on expeditions up and down the parade route looking for vendors selling masks. Attractive homemade masks were purchased for 10 pesos.

The parade itself was very impressive. I created a montage for Dick Markie, the Marina Mazatlan harbor master, to hang in the office. Click here and wait for a look. Makes a good wallpaper. Save in BMP format in your Windows directory and select in the Display function of your Control Panel.