The Works of Mark Cross

The following are digital images of the paintings of Mark Cross.   Mark lives and works in Niue and his art reflects the sights of his home from his special perspective.  Unfortunately they lose a great deal when viewed this way but you get a sense of work.  If it interests you then write or call for a photograph to really see the texture of the paintings.  I think they are really special.

Here is the note and images we received from Mark:

Hello From Niue!!

Just a note to inform you that my agent in Hawaii has published a number of high quality Giclee prints in limited editions. Please find attached the 4 images that he has made to date and if you are interested contact him directly for sizes, edition numbers, prices and other information. He is:

George Atkins
Haleiwa Gallery
66-252 Kam High
Oahu, HI 96712
Ph (1) 808 6373366
Fax (1) 808 6373367

Our best wishes are with you. Kia Monuina a Mutolu, Mark Cross

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