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Here we provide skills, techniques and wisdom we have picked up while cruising. All views expressed here represent our opinion and should be considered in conjunction with the opinion of other knowledgeable sailors. There are always several ways to solve a problem on a boat and ours may not be the best or it may not even be right at all but we just haven't seen it fail yet. Likewise, our difficulties may be due to inexperience and not the fault of a product we malign. 

With this big caveat we still feel that our perspective is useful because when you are sitting in your port of origin it is often difficult to get advice from people out there doing it. This section overlaps with The Vessel so look there for info on ship's systems.

Lessons Learned

Anchoring and Ground Tackle Route Planning for the South Pacific
Cruise Planning and Provisioning for Mexico Money Handling in Remote Locations
Mexican Clearance and Boat Importation Communications Onboard
Touring New ZealandCharts for the South Pacific
Waypoints for the South Pacific updated 1/99 Dinghy Selection