Jack's Page - Lots 4, 6 and 7

Lots 4, 6 and 7 are the only remaining lots for sale at this time.  We have just raised the price to $45,000 AUD but we will maintain the price of 40,000 AUD for you until October 31st or the lots are sold.

Lot 4 is next to a beautiful island style house under construction on lot 5.  It has a somewhat steep waterfront like lot 5.

This view is from the corner of lot 6 looking down on the house on lot 5.  The posts are the property line. 


It also has a relatively quick drop-off in the water making it a good sight for a jetty with floating pier.  All undeveloped lots have heavy growth along the water but we selectively clear the waterfront after we decide how to place the house.

Lots 6 and 7 viewed from the road at the back of the property show the clear flat space at the back of each property approximately 30 feet above the high tide mark.  About 2/3 of the lot is here and 1/3 is on the slope down to the water.  Lot 6 has a more gentle slope than lot 4 and lot 7 is more gentle still.

Behind the property is a copra plantation that is basically a coconut farm.  The plantation also has cattle roaming this area so a good fence is always needed before landscaping begins.  We do have good barbeques about once a month.  

Lot 6 has a better than average beach mostly covered at high tide as seen here slightly below mid-tide.  The huge tree in the middle of the waterfront may be trimmed to suit the house site.

Lot 7 is wooded with a more gentle slope to the plateau behind.  It is next to the house site of one of the plantation partners that will be in full time residence.  


I can’t really help you choose as they all look pretty good to me.  Lot 4 is a little more difficult to build on but it is similar to lot 5 and that house went up without difficulty.  Lot 5 was selected by a long time friend of the plantation and lot 8 was selected by the on-site partner of the plantation so I find it amazing that lots 4, 6, and 7 are the last remaining.  Each has its unique charm and people seem to select their sites for all different reasons.  I don’t like the long reef shelf in front of my house making a jetty very difficult but I really like the gentle rise that the house is situated on.


If you just choose you probably won’t be disappointed but if you would like assistance then send an e-mail with the factors that would be most important to you. 

Hope this is enough to help you.  Thanks…Jim