Internet Sailing Sites will be of interest to you. It lists Cruiser homepages, Yacht positions, free Crewfinder, Radio nets, a Message board and good Marine links.

Cruisers Connection - Its Huge! This could keep you busy for a whole weekend.

Sailnet - This is mammoth.  It could keep you going for a whole week. - Sailfree is an excellent reference for sailing related information. They frequently update the site so it stays fresh.

CruiseNews - This is a popular cruising site with many valuable features.  We get many of our visitors from the link in this site.

CruisingSailor - This is a good new site with ambitious plans to offer a free worldwide cruising guide.   It is off to good start and their most innovative plan on the horizon is for a free service to host boat newsletters that will be posted by e-mail.  Sounds great.

LetsGoCruising - This is an interesting site that I plan to watch with great interest.  Mike is trying to attract advertisers to help pay for his cruising lifestyle.  This thought has occurred to us as well so if he finds success we may follow.  Check it out and raise his hit counter.

Doing It - Jay and Betty on Doing It are two of the nicest people we have met along the way.   Unfortunately we parted company in Mexico which is one of the saddest parts of cruising.  Check out their site.

Alveil - The Aveil is an old square rigger sailing in the South Pacific.  You may join as crew for a modest fee.  Check it out.