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Here are a few of the links that we have selected.   We don't get on the web much anymore so let us know if we are missing any good ones.

SailMail - Sailmail is a great service for the cruising sailor.  They provide very inexpensive e-mail via your marine SSB radio.  Check out their web page for more information on this exceptional service.

Airmail 2000 - I am not even sure this site is up yet but it will be worth a look.  Jim Corenman isa a hero of the crusing fleet as the author of Airmail.  This is his site.

Additional service providers worth a look

Internet Sailing Sites  - For hours of internet entertainment.

Latitude38 - Latitude 38 is the coolest sailing magazine on the planet!  Recent Latitudes bring a high price in remote parts of the world.  Latitude is the only sailing magazine we have provided with material.

The following are boating organizations that we continue to support even on our limited cruising budget:

Seven Seas Crusing Association - Seven Seas is an international boating organization dedicated to assisting cruisers and promoting a clean wake policy for all members.  Their monthly bulletin is filled with useful information from crusiers in front of you.

US Power Squadron - Seamanship, navigation and weather skills and knowledge are critical for the offshore sailor.  The USPS provides classes in all of these areas and they are both comprehensive and cheap.  Don't let the name fool you, the USPS has many sailors and they have chapters all over the US.  Sign up for the Safe Boating course and upon completion, become a member making you eligible for this critical training.

Oakland Yacht Club - Become a member of the yacht club of Go West.  Oakland Yacht Club also boasts Jack London as a past member.  It is a great club with a friendly membership and superior facilities.  Check it out.