The trip from Cabo to La Paz takes by Los Frailes and Bahia de los Muertos. These 2 stops break the trip up into day sails.

Frailes was very rolly when we arrived and it only got worse. We stayed an extra day because we heard the diving was good and it had the only coral in Baja but it was too rough to get off of the boat. The second afternoon we were sitting in the cockpit feeling sorry for ourselves and some rays decided to put on a water show. They continued long enough for me to get my camera and snap a couple of pictures.

Bahia de los Meurtos or Bay of the dead was great. As we arrived the sailboat Sea Turtle was touting the pizza sold ashore by Jagged Edge. The next day we snorkeled and discovered that coral is also found in Meurtos. It was our best anchorage so far but there is more to come.

We tossed our dinghy anchor out without realizing that there was coral below and we caused what I always try to prevent, Reef Damage! Coral grows so slow and anchors can take it out so quick that it is important to ensure that you anchor only in sand or mud. Sand and mud usually represent better holding ground and coral will often foul your anchor requiring you to dive to free it. Avoiding anchoring in coral is both practical and good for the environment.