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A motley crew it is but, not being lottery winners, we couldn't afford better so we will make do.

Hellen Boswell is the Captain. She is from Denmark and recently became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Her resume describes her background in the culinary arts.

Her sailing experience starts with 9 months at sea as a radio operator on a Maersk Liquid Natural Gas ship. Being as she was crewing on a floating bomb she rarely got closer than a few miles from shore so she jumped ship to become a cook.

Recently she took courses from Tradewinds sailing school in Richmond, CA and she has a year of practice on San Francisco Bay aboard Go West. This may not sound like a great deal of experience because it isn't. This is definitely a learn as you go voyage.

Jim Boswell is the other Captain (sounds like trouble already). Jim grew up north of San Francisco in Marin county. His resume describes a career in computers mostly with Nestlé.

Jim began sailing at the age of 12 in the Greenbrae Slough near San Quentin prison. His first sailboat was a Sea Snark. The Sea Snark was the Styrofoam sailboat sold in magazines as the "Kool" cigarette boat for $99. This particular boat was far from Kool. It had been covered with fiberglass adding about 75 lbs. to a boat that was designed to weight less than fifty lbs. It didn't sail well but it proved to be good training for sailing Go West loaded down with too much stuff.

Jim's offshore sailing experience is restricted to the coast of California around San Francisco and LA. He has completed the US Power Squadron courses through Advanced Piloting and attended a celestial navigation course.