Clarion Island / Pacific Ocean

In our trek from Mazatlan to the Marquises Islands we traveled with two other boats. Tweed with Roger and Jalna (first picture) and Maranatha with Dan (second picture) and Jamo (not picture, sorry Jamo). We had a radio net twice a day and as my radio went out they became my link to the outside world. Roger had been a fisherman before cruising and Dan had been chief engineer on the 200 ft tallship Adix so these guys were real pros and we feel fortunate that we could travel with them on our first ocean crossing.

When we got to Clarion Roger was determined to get lobster. It was pretty rough and we couldn't find any in the easier spots. We went into a small cove with big surge and Dan spotted a huge lobster under a rock. In the next 10 minutes Dan and Roger come up with 7 of the biggest lobsters I have ever seen. Dan recreates his epic struggle with the "Grand Daddy".

Clarion Island is a small island 350 miles south west of Cabo San Lucas. It has a small open anchorage on the South side with a small Mexican Army base just up from the wrecked tuna boat. The island is a meeting place for Humpback whales before their mating season and they frequently swim near and even through the anchorage. We had an adult and a calf swim together between Go West and Tweed. The West side of the island is rugged with a pinnacle and an arch rock.

I tried to take some pictures to capture the feeling of our crossing but the pictures of the weather just didn't translate to the computer screen. We did have a pod of about 30 Risso dolphins follow us for about 4 hours until we changed course and we caught a 42 inch Wahoo that was dinner for 5 days. The last picture shows my beard just before I shaved in that Marquises. I have never grown a bear or a moustache and now I know why. It is bad luck to shave at sea so I honored Neptune and I will again but this will be the last of the evidence.