Cabinetry Work

cabinet.jpg (22591 bytes)We had some beautiful cabinetry work done in New Zealand.  Our work was done by Birch and Mason in Whangarei.  They did such nice work at such a reasonable price that we were happy to let them lose on our boat at time and materials and hand us the bill after.  Even after we had adjusted to the low cost of high quality labor in New Zealand we were still always impressed with their work and price.

We started with an addition to a cabinet in our front stateroom.  I forgot to take a before picture.  The new part is above the trim piece across the middle higher on the left side.  This had been open space and everything we put there went flying when we were underway.  The cabinet has a shelf down 4 inches from the top across the whole width which we use to stack all of our charts.  Below is storage (never enough). bookcase.jpg (40084 bytes)

We also had a bookcase added above the existing bookcase over the bed on the other side of the stateroom.  Both of these jobs were completed while we were touring the South Island.  I kicked myself during the whole trip for letting them work with us away but after seeing their work I was glad I wasn't there because I wouldn't have demanded the quality that they put into it, and it was a fixed price job!  After that we had them work on time and materials and we loved working with them.  Other yachties became frustrated with them because they got too busy at the end of the season so get your work ordered and completed early to avoid the rush.galleyrails.jpg (35798 bytes)

They installed a new refrigerator door and but rails on all of our shelves and book cases.  I couldn't think of anything else we needed so we finally stopped.  

We definitely recommend them to anyone needing wood or fiberglass work in New Zealand.