The Baja HaHa IV Cruisers Rally

A few points (and pictures) regarding the HaHa. If you are heading for Mexico in Fall you need to decide whether to participate in the HaHa and here are some perspective to help make your decision.

The HaHa has gotten quite large and if the present trend continues there will be about 150 boats in it next year. It sucks in about half of the boats heading down Baja at that time of year. It stops in Turtle Bay, Santa Maria Bay and finishes in Cabo San Lucas. The first 2 anchorages can easily handle twice our fleet size of 106 but Cabo can only get 60 boats into the harbor on a good day and the outside anchorage was very uncomfortable when we were there.

In San Diego we started getting misgivings about signing up for the HaHa when we started hearing about the beautiful anchorages in San Quintin and Magdelena Bay. The race is really a rush down the outside of Baja and you miss some nice stops. We also became concerned with the El Nino and late storms occurring in the Pacific and felt we were leaving too soon. In the end we decided to stick to our plans.

In retrospect we don't regret our decision because we made friends with people on dozens of boats and we are now travelling with these same people through Mexico and planning to go on to the South Pacific with several boats. The race forced a whole bunch of people and boats with the same agenda together and you couldn't help but make friends and find cruising buddies. This was, in the long run, worth more to us than the places we missed. The storm concerns didn't materialize and in fact our main problem was a lack of wind.