Anchorages Near La Paz

Cruising in the vicinity of La Paz offers some of the best scenery and most protected anchorages in the world. Moorings operates a thriving charter business out of La Paz. December through January is susceptible to strong northern winds(caused by the same high pressure that creates the Santa Ana winds in LA). July and August are incredibly hot. The rest of the year is beautiful though there is often very little wind.

25 miles from La Paz lies the islands of Espiritu Santos and Partida. They meet to form Caleta Partida which is a very protected anchorage except from west wind. West wind causes problems in all of the anchorages in these 2 islands. The wind, known as the Corumel, is caused by the warm air from land moving over the water in the late afternoon and all night. It is common to have a beautiful warm day and then get a Corumel which makes the anchorage bumpy all night.

The first picture shows the fishing vessel Ben Hur anchored off of the fishing village at Caleta Partida. The next 2 are taken in Ensanada Grande with the last looking north to Los Islotes.

Ensanada Grande is a large open bay with 3 coves. The unusual geology of these islands can be explored by dinghy or on foot here.

Los Islotes is a rock outcropping just north of Isla Partida. It looks like something Walt Disney created. The right hand rock has an arch wide and deep enough to row a dinghy through.

These rocks are covered with Sea Lions. It is popular to snorkel around the rocks and play with the young pups. In the spring the males build their harems and fight for dominance. They will threaten and occasionally attack a snorkeler. This was just beginning when we visited so I didn't get in the water. One person was snorkeling and they were not being harassed but I decided that I had a lot of cruising left to do and needed all of my fingers and toes for the journey.

The next stop was Isla San Francisco. The island is visible in the right hand background of the sunrise picture. It has an excellent anchorage and a lot of exploring possibilities. The reef fishing was also very good. I should mention that the reefs in the Sea of Cortez are rock reefs, not coral reefs with the exception of the coral reef north of Las Frailles.

The left picture is San Evaristo. This is a small village on Baja. It is an excellent anchorage for a Norther because it offers wind as well as wave protection. The village is quaint but there is a small store with limited grocery items. The people are very friendly but only speak Spanish so study up before you visit.